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Author Topic: What is IWB+ ?  (Read 2071 times)

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What is IWB+ ?
« on: August 23, 2014, 07:08:54 PM »
 IWB+ (A Visual Designer for IWBasic)

IWB+© is a Visual Designer Add-On application for use with IWBasic© v2.x. It consists of a 'Drag-and-Drop' graphical interface that allows the user to quickly design their window/dialog layouts. The user can then change the properties of all forms and controls as well as select which handlers are required for their application.

In the background a powerful code builder is at work creating all the necessary files and generating all the code skeletons to support the user's selections. The user can then add their custom coding to the project.

At any time the user can compile the project from within IWB+© and see the end result. Additionally, IWB+ generates a complete IWBasic Project file (*.iwp) that the user may load directly into the IWBasic IDE. The user is even able to modify their application in the IDE if desired (within certain simple guidelines) and their code will be retained if/when they return to IWB+.

This results in an environment that allows the user to easily mix their own code with code automatically generated by IWB+ in an efficient, user friendly manner.

IWB+ Features:
- Creates folder based IWB+ projects.
- Creates a complete IWBasic Project file (*.iwp).
- Supports window or dialog based projects.
- Unlimited number of forms (windows/dialogs) per project.
- Unlimited number of controls per form.
- Add *.lib, *.obj, *.res and/or *.asm files to projects.
- Simple navigation with Tab based mode control eliminates unnecessary desktop clutter.
- Easily create new projects or clone existing ones.
- Backup/Restore compressed project files.
- Export projects with IWB+ overhead stripped.
- Auto creation of project manifest file.
- Compile and run User applications from inside IWB+.
- 'To-Do' List for each project.
- Uses no registry entries.

Form Editor
- Main form automatically created when project is created.
- Popup window to configure form/controls including style flags/colors/fonts/form icons.
- Popup to select desired event handlers to be automatically created for forms/controls.
- Add User defined style flags for forms/controls.
- Add up to 255 User defined handler messages fper form/control.
- 22 built-in 'Drag and Drop' controls available from toolbar.
- 22 User defined 'Drag and Drop' controls available from toolbar.
- 11 toolbar buttons for positioning one/multiple controls.
- Toolbar buttons for creating peer/child windows/dialogs.
- All code needed to generate User's design layout is automatically created in realtime.
- Code generation accounts for structure variations between windows and dialogs.

Code Editor
- Scintilla� based code editor.
- Keyword highlight colors track IWBasic 2.x IDE configuration settings or User settings.
- Dropdown list of all source files.
- Clickable list of all subroutines in current project.
- Toolbar option to add new source file to project.
- Open multiple IWB+ project files and optionally, non-project files.

Resource Editor
- Allows multiple selections when using file dialog to add resources.
- Creates skeletons when adding resources that require User input.

Menu Editor
- Tree view based editor.
- Unlimited number of menu titles.
- Unlimited number of popup levels.
- Unlimited number of menu items.
- Optional menu item disable on startup.
- All required code automatically generated including handlers.
- Preview configured menus.
- Import menus from other IWB+ projects.

Toolbar Editor
- Tree view based editor.
- User selected toolbar location (top,bottom,left,right).
- Changeable bitmap and button size.
- Optional tooltips.
- Optional use of bitmap.
- Optional bitmap load from handle, file or resource file.
- Optional use of Labels.
- Optional location for Labels (right or under bitmap).
- Optional button disable on startup.
- Generates all necessary code to locate toolbar including any necessary resizing code.
- Generates skeleton handlers for all buttons.
- Generates all code to load bitmap (from handle, file or resource file).
- Preview configured toolbars.
- Import toolbars from other IWB+ projects.

Tab Control Editor
- Tree view based editor.
- Unlimited number of tabcontrol tabs.
- All required code automatically generated including handlers.
- Preview configured tabcontrol files.
- Import tabcontrol files from other IWB+ projects.

Custom Control Editor
- Configure up to twenty-two User defined custom controls.
- Add up to 255 custom message handlers for each control.
- Add custom style flags for each custom control.

Tools Menu Editor
- Add User selected utilities to Tools Menu.
- No internal limit on the number that can be added.

Help Menu Editor
- Add User selected help files to Help Menu.
- No internal limit on the number that can be added.
- Allows addition of *.chm, *.pdf, and EBook(*.exe) formats.

Compiler Output
- Displays progress of compile and linking.
- On error, clicking on error line opens Code tab with source file containing error at the proper line.

User Preferences
- Set keywords to Mixed, Upper, or Lower case in Code Editor tab.
- Set defaults for width, height, font, foreground color and background color for windows, dialogs, and all controls.
- Select option to open last project on program startup.

Find in Files
- Search for any sequence of characters in all ascii files in any directory and sub-directories.
- Maintain results of multiple searches.
- Select one or more result entries for deletion.
- Double-clicking entry opens source file to indicated line.

- Folder Clean-up - Removes selected file types from designated folder.
- Color Picker - Select colors and copy required code to clipboard.
- Toolbar Paint - Create toolbar bitmaps for use in project.
- Messagebox Builder - Simple means to create and configure MeassageBoxes.

- Help Manual furnished in chm, pdf, and eBook formats.

Minimum Requirements:
- IWBasic© v. 2.0 or above (Copyright 2010-2011, Ionic Wind Software)
- 128MB of ram.
- 23MB Free hard drive space.
- Tested with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

If you are interested in purchasing IWB+ you can get it here.


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